They are no Maine-Coons but they are as much beloved and dear to us. Each of them has got her own story and I think it wouldn't be fair that these two wonderful girls did not appear on our web site. As befits household pets, Velvet and Câline are both neutered.

VELVET AKA the little tiger

Velvet was born in September, 2000. I adopted her at the end of November when I still lived in Lyon. Her mother was a household cat that had free access to the outside world, despite the fact that the family to which she belonged lived in a flat. Obviously Velvet's dam was resourful and daring _ qualities she passed on to her only offspring in this first litter (I do not know whether there were others).

She is not a well tempered cat. She can be cuddly at times, but she is mostly an independent cat. She enjoys sleeping under the bed's covers. I always wonder how on earth she manages to breathe under a thick continental quilt. Never found out.

When there is some growling or hissing in the house, you know for sure this is Velvet giving vent to her temper_ hence her nickname of "the little tiger".

Velvet is a black (brown) mackerel torbie, but she is really more spotted than mackerel.

Although she is a short-haired cat, Velvet has got tiny lynx tips on top of her ears. It gives her some kind of wild look that matches her temper.


Câline is a very special cat to me. I did not choose her; she chose ME.

She used to be a stray barn cat. I lived at the time in the North of France, in a small village in the Pas de Calais region.

I saw her for the first time in February 2002 late at night when I came back home. I could see she was sick. She had difficulties breathing and she sneezed a lot. She obviously had the flu and she was also starving. I gave her some food and plenty of strokes, and she must have decided then I was a nice biped and it would be nice to come into my big ground-floor flat.

Yet I didn't let her in for fear she may pass on the flu to Velvet. It almost broke my heart to leave her in the cold outside when she was so sick and I decided I would bring her to the vet on the next day.

Unfortunately she didn't come back at once.

8 months later though, I saw her having lunch into the outdoor bins. I fed her and brought her to the vet, which turned on to become a habit. I couldn't resist long to these appealing green eyes and her cuddly ways. I isolated her in a room for a month, and when she got better, I let her in. Câline never asked to go out once she took her quarters in.

She decided to room with me, and she chose me. Cats will be cats and they have their own ways _ which is why we love them so much, don't we?

Câline, July 2005

Câline was the nicest and the most cuddly cat I have ever had.

Today - March, 29th, 2006 - our dear Câline has gone over the Rainbow Bridge. She didn't recover from her last renal failure, and I had to take the hardest decision in my life: let her go. She went to sleep forever, cuddled in my arms at the vet's. I miss her so much...

Sleep well, my love.


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