07/03/2011: We are back with some good news: Doona gave birth to 4 kittens on June 8th! the kittens and their mother are doing well. >>>see the kitten page

10/28/2010: Our Maine Coons and I are having a temporary break from breeding.


02/24/2010: Tennessee, Doona and Mithrandir were screened for HCM. The three of them tested clear.


01/21/2010: Our beloved Velvet has crossed the Rainbow Bridge. Despite previous medical examinations which didn't show anything was wrong, a bowel cancer was growing in silence. When the echography finally revealed the problem on January 19th, a surgery was performed on the 21st...but the tumor wasn't alone...I decided to let Velvet go. I miss her so much...she was my first cat and 9 years were too short a time.


01/02/2010: the CatCoonnection family wishes you a happy New Year 2010!

10/03/2009: Nothing new under the be continued in 2010.

06/14/2009: No kittens in view at the moment; our cats have decided to take their time. :)


02/03/2009: Doona and Mithrandir were tested clear of HCM and PKD today.


12/20/2008: the CatCoonnection family wishes you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

10/29/2008: some fresh cattery news... We are still looking for a loving family for our little Dream. Winter has come early this year and all the cats are enjoying naps near the heaters, which includes our own lap. Doona has stopped cycling, as is usual for her in this season, and is putting on weight. She is radiant. :))


09/13/2008: Mith's page has been updated with his latest test results.
08/02/2008: Dream's photo album has been updated. :))
07/12/2008:The kitten page as well as Our previous litters page have been updated.

06/16/2008: The kittens'photo albums have been updated. Dazzle has joined his new family. He now has Arès - another Maine-Coon male - as a playmate (they get on very well together), as well as a Chow Chow dog, Ugo.

Dawn is going to leave us this week. We are still looking for a nice pet home for our lovely Dream.


06/03/2008: The kittens'photo albums have been updated. Dazzle and Dawn are about to leave us for their new home. Dream is still available for a nice pet home.


05/11/2008: our kitten page as well as the kittens'albums have been updated today.


05/03/2008: New pics of our kitties and of Mithrandir have been added today.


04/26/2008: Doona's kittens are now 8 weeks old. They have just received their microchip as well as their first injection. You can see the latest pictures on their page.


04/07/2008: Dazzle, Dawn and Dusk have got their own page. They are now six weeks old. See the kitten page, then click on each kitten's Photo Album.


03/22/2008: We have added new pictures of our kittens.


02/28/2008: the Catcoonnection family is getting bigger. We are pleased to welcome Mithrandir, our new breeding male. Thank you, Suzan, for this wonderful boy. :))


02/26/2008: Doona's kittens are born! :))


02/11/2008: our kitten page has been updated.


11/20/2007: New pics of Tennessee have been added. Doona is visiting her fiancé...but she's still not ready to accept him. Well, ladies decide, don't they? :-P


08/11/2007: Doona's page has been updated.


05/09/2007: we have updated our Links page. Nothing new concerning our cattery. Doona is still growing and we are busy fitting out / decorating our new flat.


02/20/2007: Doona was screened clear for HCM (echo)and PKD negative (echo)!


12/25/2006: We added new pics of Doona.


12/10/2006 : We are back on line at last! All the cats have settled well in our new flat (which is bigger), and Mica's kittens have all found a nice home.


10/31/2006: we are moving in a new flat; as a result we won't be able to access our e-mails (and the Net!) for a little while. So if you need to contact us, please give us a ring: (0033)


10/27/2006: we have updated the kittens'page. There are new pics!


09/06/2006: The kittens'pictures are now on line >>> Kittens'page


08/04/2006: Mica gave birth to 4 little furry CATCOONNECTION balls. To see our Belgariad litter, click here.


06/28/2006: We have created another website: Chez Cathsem; if you share our interest in plants, don't hesitate to have a look!


03/29/2006: Sad news today. Câline has gone over the Rainbow Bridge. We miss her tremendously.


02/24/2006: We have a new banner! Hope this one looks better.


02/22/2006: We have just come back from the National Veterinary School in Maison-Alfort, Paris. Mica and Tennessee were tested clear for HCM by Professor CHETBOUL, Dr GOUNI and Dr SERRES. All our cats' health test results will soon be available on the Pawpeds Database.


02/17/2006 : The Females Page has been updated. You will find a detailed presentation of Doona, our second breeding female.