The Maine-Coon Seminar : the illustrated Maine-Coon standard

A wonderful and informative presentation of the Maine-Coon standard by TICA judge Beth Hicks

The CFA Maine-Coon standard

The TICA Maine-Coon standard

There are many similarities but just a few differences between the TICA and CFA standards - at least so it seems on the paper. :))

Both emphasize that the cat should be balanced in appearance, without any extreme features, but CFA is the only one to give points exclusively for this aspect (5 points). Overall, the CFA standard tends to insist a little bit more on the importance of proportion. TICA seems to favour a slightly more extreme look compared with CFA.

CFA attributes as many points to the head as to the body (30 points), whereas TICA gives slightly more points to the head (40 points for the head, 35 points for the body).

Colour and pattern seems to be a bit more important in TICA (25 points) than in CFA (15 points).