Doona gave birth to four kittens on June the 8th. There are two males and two females.

About our kittens...

For the time being our kittens are available for pet homes only. They are neutered before they leave our home (between age of 14-16 weeks), chipped and fully vaccinated. We give every adopting family a current veterinary health certificate of their kitten along with a copy of the HCM, PKD, HD, FIV and Felv test results of the parents.

Our kittens are raised underfoot so that they are perfectly attuned to the humans and grow into well balanced and affectionate cats.

Potential families are screened very carefully as we want our kittens to have the best life possible - a secure one with lots of love and attention. So please, don't be offended if we ask you lots of questions and feel free to do the same. We favour families who have already secured their flat or house and who will keep their cats exclusively indoor (or who will only let them go out into a secured garden). Moreover, if you wish to adopt one of our kittens, we would like you to pay us a visit at least once. We believe it is important for both parties - breeder and owner alike- to get to know each other and to make sure they share the same "cat philosophy".

We usually prefer to bring our kittens to their new home when they are ready to leave us.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us and we will answer you as soon as possible:

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