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CATCOONNECTION is a small Maine Coon hobby cattery located in the South East of France, between Valence and Avignon. It was established and registered (both in TICA and LOOF) in 2004.

We live in the Drôme-Ardèche area, two of the most beautiful regions in France. To give you an idea of how lucky we are, we made a few pics to show you the type of landscape you can find in the South of the Ardèche region. :-P (click on the following link)>>> Landscapes in the Ardèche region

Breeding is for us a hobby activity, which doesn't mean we do not do it seriously, but we do not live from it - we earn our living with another job. Passion for these wonderful Maine Coons is the driving force behind our cattery.

Tennessee and Doona, having a nap in our living-room. The television control is at paw's reach...

The big cat tree in our study is almost never vacant. The kittens in particular love to play on it- which is not always to the taste of their resting elders... :-P

We have but very few kittens in a year as we want to devote as much quality time as possible to the nurturing and socializing of our little ones. They are born in our bedroom where they remain for the first weeks until they can safely mix with our adult cats. The grown ups teach them good cat manners and they get accustomed to our weird human's ways and noises.

We wish to keep our cattery small as we would like all our cats to have the proper amount of love and attention they deserve. Our Maine-Coons are our family pets prior to being breeding cats, and they live with us and share our daily routine. They are never caged.

Our cats can roam free in our flat, which has been refitted to meet their needs. They can also go onto two secured balconies to enjoy a bit of fresh air.


Tennessee with our niece Maureen

Maine-Coons usually love children

Our colourful 2008 litter

Our breeding goals

Health is for us a top priority. We choose our breeding cats carefully and select them according to the good health record of their ancestors and the good follow up of their breeders.

All our Maine-Coons are screened for F.E.L.V. (Feline Leukemia), F.I.V. (Feline Aids), as well as H.C.M. (Hypertrophic Cardio-Myopathy), P.K.D. (Polycystic Kidney Disease) , and H.D. (Hip dysplasia) as we strive to provide healthy companions to prospective Maine-Coon cat lovers. For more information on this topic, go to the Health page .


One of our 2006 kittens, discovering the world (here the difference between shadow and light)


Our 2005 litter, having fun on our secured balcony

Our goals for breeding are to have healthy cats with excellent temperaments and with a rather low percentage of complete inbreeding - as well as less Top 5 and Clones- , and also Maine-Coons that can fit the LOOF/ TICA standard's requirements for the breed.

We are convinced that it is important to diversify the genetic pool of the Maine Coons in the long run if the health of this breed is to be preserved (see the "Breeding issues" page). We are careful to choose breeding cats whose lines are the least related to one another and seek to blend new Maine Coon lines with show lines which haven't been much used, have a good health history, and are less inbred than the usual show lines ( see the "Outcross and Foundation breeding" page).

We aim at having well balanced cats as much in looks and temper as in pedigrees. We love the moderate type Maine Coon - without any extreme features, but with a gentle expression, large open oval eyes, and a harmonious overall look. Solid and silver are our favorite colours.

Catcoonnection Anor, born in June 2005, enjoying a cosy life with Gaëlle, her doting owner. :))

Catcoonnection Algion, his brother, living the life of a pampered pet at Nadège's and Christophe's

I would like to thank Florence Walbaum-Davy from Alsciaukat for the help she gave me in getting started, as well as my friend Céline Kneip from Khat à Strof, who has always been by my side from the start and provided me with constant encouragement. I also wish to thank Misha Peersman from The Dorsai for putting up with my numerous questions and for answering them with holy patience.